Windproof Double Canopy Golf Umbrella, 62-inch Canopy Coverage

Item Number: 10524
  • 62 INCHES BIG: With such a wide canopy, this umbrella is big enough to keep multiple people dry on a windy or rainy day.
  • AUTO OPEN UMBRELLA: Use the automatic open mechanism with just one hand to give you protection quickly and easily.
  • WINDPROOF CONSTRUCTION: Sturdy engineered frame that is designed to be wind resistant.
  • VELCRO SNAP: The accessory features a Velcro snap to keep umbrella contained and compact when not in use.
  • COLORS: Black/Yellow, Black/Green, Black/White, Blue/Light Blue or Dark Blue, Blue.

Are you and your things getting wet on rainy days because your regular golf umbrella is not big enough? Then you should definitely try the Raintech 62 Inch Double Canopy Golf Umbrella! This umbrella offers a whopping 62 inches in diameter of coverage and is large enough to keep you, another person, and your golf clubs or other stuff dry. Made for golfers, but great for anyone who needs lots of protection from the inclement weather! The Raintech 62 Inch Double Canopy Golf Umbrella has a Velcro snap to keep umbrella contained and compact when not in use. It's also windproof! All thanks to its sturdy engineered frame that will last for ages. Plus, the automatic opening functionality lets you operate the umbrella with just a click. The umbrella is 100% hassle free and comes in assorted colors. Do not get stuck in another rain storm with an umbrella that is too small or too hard to operate. Order this umbrella today.