Cleaning Solutions Microfiber Handy Duster

Item Number: 16747
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The Microfiber Handy Duster helps you clean and dust hard to reach places with ease! Our soft chenille duster won't scratch or damage. Great for dusting blinds, buffing parts of your car, polishing tables and more. Wash by hand or machine. When you are done using, the handle folds down to easily store or use the hole in the handle to hang up.
  • MAIN USE: This handy duster has soft microfiber bristles that dusts without damaging surfaces. Cleans most surfaces like furniture, mirrors, countertops, cars, and more.
  • PERFECT FOR: Dusting, buffing, wiping, polishing, and cleaning!
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash with warm, soapy water or machine wash. Do not use fabric softener.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Made of versatile, soft chenille. Handle folds down for storage or can be hung on hook.