Clorox Utility Scrub Brush

Item Number: 15026
  • COMFORTABLE: Coated in a soft material along the handle, it's easy to spend the time necessary to clean up any hard, nonporous surface in your home with this brush.
  • ANTIMICROBIAL: The bristles are made of a special material that is resistant to bacteria formation, making it safe to use week after week around your kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms.
  • A BRAND YOU CAN RELY ON: Clorox has served millions of customers over the years, producing high-quality products to get your home spotless.
  • REUSABLE: After a light rinsing, hang this utility brush up to dry, preventing mildew buildup. When you're ready to scrub down the tub or deeply clean the kitchen counters, it's ready for action.
  • LONG LASTING: With proper storage, this brush is ready to take over your cleaning bucket for months on end.