Crave Pastry Decorating Set (1 bag & 5 stainless steel nozzles)

Item Number: 13967
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Creating a beautiful cake starts with baking. Once your layers have cooled, you get to indulge in the more creative side decorating. You may be envisioning a cake decorated with flowers and pastel colors. However, with the wrong tools, this decorating process can be difficult and not much fun at all. This set has all the reusable gear you need to decorate cakes, cookies, and other frosted desserts. It contains five tips and a pastry bag to accommodate different styles for writing and accent frosting. Add these to your kitchen gear for a decorative approach to baking.
  • MAIN USE: Each pastry decorating set contains one bag and five different tips to create a variety of designs.
  • PERFECT FOR: Bakers who enjoy baking, decorating, and sharing their sweet edible creations with friends and family.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: After you make one cake, just wash off the bag and tips to save for another day of decorating. Nozzles are dishwasher safe.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Each pack includes five reusable decorating stainless steel nozzles.