Culinary Elements 3.5" Aluminum Pan

Item Number: 13086
  • BRIGHT HANDLE: With this neon hue, it's hard to miss when you're looking for it in your cabinets to make your breakfast in the morning.
  • HEATS UP FAST: The heavy-duty aluminum helps to get to the temperature you desire a lot faster so you can get cooking and be on your merry way.
  • FEATURES CERAMIC COATING: Nothing sticks to this pan, making it easy to clean after preparing everyone's food.
  • ANGLED RIM: Dish out everyone's eggs or other dishes easily with the easy-pour lid, making sure there aren't any rogue drippings or lost food in the process.

When it comes to cooking any dish, you need high-quality items that last through the years, even if it's just a skillet. In order to get the quality you deserve, you need to seek out a reputable brand that delivers consistency so your dishes turn out succulent and delicious. This aluminum skillet by Good Living helps you get dinner on the table in no time. The heavy-duty bottom heats quickly so that your food is ready in less time. Nonstick ceramic coating makes it a cinch to wash afterwards to reduce the time you spend cleaning up in the kitchen after your meals. At 3.5 inches across, it is designed for making smaller meals like scrambled eggs or dinner for two. Add this essential item to your kitchen today and get cooking!