Culinary Elements Magnetic Multi-Clips (7 count)

Item Number: 16499
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These snack clips are magnetized to allow you to attach them to any magnetic surface. This design makes it the perfect tool for whiteboards or refrigerators, allowing you to hang up important papers without worrying about the paper being too thick for your magnet. With multiple colors, you can use the clips to differentiate between different documents. You can use the ridged texture on the clip to hold snack or chip bags and any other bags shut.
  • MAIN USE: These strong grip magnetic clips help keep your refrigerator door organized. Use them to display notes and artwork at home or in classrooms. 
  • PERFECT FOR: Keeping your snacks fresh! These easy to use multi-purpose clips can also be used as chip clips. 
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Made of BPA free plastic. Each pack includes the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and black. 7 count.