Culinary Elements Multi-Clips (5 count)

Item Number: 16770
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Twist ties hold some plastic bags shut like bread wrappers and thin plastic bags. They just do not work for heavier, thicker bags that are too bulky for twist ties. Instead use these strong gripping clips. Work great on bags of chips, cookies. Snack foods, pet food, garden supplies, and more. These clips also hold papers and coupons together to keep them organized for you. Buy extras to keep on hand.
  • MAIN USE: Great for bags of chips, frozen vegetable bags, cereal bags, pet food bags, garden supplies, coupons, and picnics. Hole lets you hang clip from a hook. 
  • PERFECT FOR: Snacks, picnics, travelling.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Made of BPA free plastic. 5 count.