Culinary Elements Paring Knife

Item Number: 9613
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  • DESIGNED FOR INTRICATE TASKS: Though it can handle just about anything, the paring knife performs best with small tasks like cutting up small garnishes or removing seeds from a jalapeno.
  • MADE OF STAINLESS STEEL: The sharp blade is made of durable stainless steel, offering durable performance while handling small and large task, making it an all-purpose knife that is essential to any chef's kitchen. While not in use, protect yourself from injury with the plastic sheath.
  • STYLISH YET STRONG HANDLE: This style features a two-tone green handle, making it easy to find amongst the rest of your knives when you are taking on a special project.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: This sharp tool features a comfortable design that is easy to handle as you cut through a variety of materials.
  • MADE BY CULINARY ELEMENTS: This product is ensured to be the same high quality you know and love from Culinary Elements.

Preparing your food for cooking can sometimes be a long process. With so many different knives to choose from, it's important to choose the right one for what you're doing. When you have small items that need a little more intricacy with their food prep like deveining shrimp or peeling various vegetables, you need a reliable paring knife to get the right level of performance. The paring knife by Culinary Elements comes with a protective sheath to prevent injury while not in use. Made of stainless steel, the narrow blade is able to handle tasks with precision, both big and small. The blade is incredibly durable and can cut through a variety of materials. Control the blade with easy using the plastic handle, featuring a texturing on one side to keep your hand in place as you cut. When you're done, throw it in the dishwasher to keep the blade clean and ready to use at a moment's notice.