Culinary Fresh Citrus Jar Juicer

Item Number: 23642

The Culinary Fresh Handheld Citrus Juicer makes juicing your favorite citrus fruits easy! It includes a built in measuring cup and spout. Perfect for juicing, pouring and storing. Reusable and dishwasher safe.

  • MAIN USE: Squeeze fresh juice from your favorite fruit by simply reaming fruit on top. The included screen filters out pulp and seeds, leaving fresh juice in a container that's ready to drink.
  • PERFECT FOR: Juicing oranges, lemons and limes, but also can be used as a short term storage container!
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: After using, easily clean this reusable juicer in the dishwasher or wash by hand.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Our Citrus Juicer measures 5.51" tall by 5.71" long and is made of 100% Polypropylene.