Dawn Dishwand

Item Number: 13610
  • MESS-FREE CLEANING: Wand-shaped scrubber makes cleaning a less messy ordeal; keeping your hands far away from dishes as well as soapsuds, hot water, and food particles.
  • SUPER CLEANING POWER: The dish scrubbing sponge provides scratch-free friction with less pressure - keeping your dishes clean with less work and less scrubbing.
  • WORKS ON ALL KITCHENWARE: Great for bakeware, glasses, pots, pans, and more.
  • GREAT OUTSIDE THE KITCHEN: Perfect for cleaning the bathroom, garage, walls, and more.
  • NO LEAKAGE: Dishwashing liquid won't drip out unless pressure is applied to the sponge.

Don't you just hate scalding your hands in hot water, getting them dirty with leftover food, and wearing yourself down by scrubbing all the food residue off your dishes? The Dawn Fillable Scrubber Dishwand is here to solve all of these issues with ease. The scrubbing sponge is attached to a clear tube handle that also stores dish soap. To fill up, load the dishwashing liquid into the tube, close it, and then let the sponge catch running water. The dishwashing liquid will automatically flow into the sponge while washing. The dishwand is refillable with replacement sponge brushes making this brush a truly economical choice.