Dazz Pop-Up Hamper

Item Number: 16651
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  • VERSATILE POP-UP HAMPER: VentilAir mesh material with easy carry handles. Side pocket. 13"x 13" x 21".
  • CLOTHES SMELL FRESH: VentilAirTM mesh material ventilates your clothes to open air.
  • CONVENIENT SIDE POCKET: Holds your laundry detergent and fabric softener sheets.
  • STURDY CARRY HANDLES: Strong and easy to carry handles.
  • LIMITED WARRANTY: Guaranteed for a full year.
  • COLORS: Blue, Pink, Black or White.

Pitching your clothes all over the room or on the floor just makes your room messy and smell like dirty clothes. Instead, throw your clothes into this pop-up clothes hamper and your room will smell cleaner and look organized without all the clutter. Also, makes a great storage place for your children's toys and balls. Use caution when opening this hamper. Allow secure distance from your body and any other objects or people around you before letting hamper pop open. Keep small children away. To open, hold folded hamper tight as you remove from poly bag. Slowly unfold till flat. Fold out sides. Pull center parts away from each other. Hamper pops into finished cubical shape.To close, fold hamper flat. Hold with both hands with 1 thumb on top. Twist hamper in opposite directions. Bring hands toward each other. Automatically forms into 3 loops as it folds. Bring loops together. Carefully replace elastic band around folded hamper to hold in place. Store hamper in flat shape out of the reach of children.