Fill 'n Brew Coffee Filters (#4, 100 count)

Item Number: 19985
Fill 'n Brew's Disposable #4 Coffee Filters made of sturdy paper that is unbleached and eco-friendly. These durable filters help filter coffee grounds, leaving your coffee tasting fresh and full of flavor. Composed with double crimped sides, bursting is prevented and allows you to easily remove the coffee filter. After using, simply dispose of the filter and coffee grounds. Each pack of coffee filters includes 100 individual filters that are cone-shaped. Each measures 7.5 inches wide.
  • MAIN USE: Create a delicious, rich cup of coffee with our disposable coffee filters. Each coffee filter has double crimped sides to prevent bursting while brewing which minimizes coffee grounds getting into your coffee.
  • PERFECT FOR: An eco-friendly alternative to your usual disposable filter! These eco-friendly unbleached and chlorine-free paper coffee filters are made with compostable, biodegradable paper.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Easily clean up by throwing away the used filter and coffee grounds after brewing.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Each filter is cone shaped and 7.5 inches wide. Made from sturdy paper that is resistant to tearing.