Fresh Drop Bathroom Odor Preventor (300 uses)

Item Number: 8686
  • NEUTRALIZES BAD ODORS: High-quality bathroom odor neutralizer. Much more effective than Odor Eliminator Spray or Odor Eliminator Candle.
  • RELEASES FRESH ODOR: Just 1-2 drops works wonders by blocking all embarrassing odors and releasing a fresh scent similar to a bathroom air freshener spray.
  • HANDY: Small 0.34 fl oz bottle of toilet odor drops lasts for 300-350 uses and easily fits in your pocket or purse.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Eco-friendly air freshener for toilets. Composed of biodegradable odor-blocking and bathroom odor absorber components that do not pollute the environment.
  • SAFE: Odor eliminator air purifier made of 100% plant extract. Bathroom odor drops that are safe to use for all kinds of toilets.

How often have restroom visits embarrassed you? The unpleasant odors that get left behind after you have used the toilet can often be a source of embarrassment. Particularly in public places like offices, restaurants, portable toilets, and even at home, it is something that we all wish to avoid! Fresh Drop Bathroom Odor Preventer

Just 1-2 drops of this revolutionary product generates an astonishing effect! All you need to do is put 1-2 drops in the toilet bowl just before use. This creates an odor-blocking layer on the water and all subsequent odors are neutralized immediately. These odor preventer drops absorb all bad odors and release a fresh scent. No, this odor-preventer is not a harmful chemical formula! Created from 100% plant extracts, this is a safe, natural, and environmentally-friendly product. Also, the tiny 0.34 fl oz (10 ml) bottle is potent enough to last for 300-350 uses! You can use these magic drops in any toilet, be it at home, office, restaurants, during travel, camp sites, and other public restrooms. It will be as if you were never there! Bid farewell to unpleasant odors forever with these easy-to-use Bathroom Odor Eliminator Drops. Order now!