Garbage Bandz Reusable Trash Bag Bands

Item Number: 14063
  • ECURES TRASH BAGS: Holds and secures trash bags in place to avoid a mess in your trash can. Perfect for camping, gardening, moving, offices, and more!
  • ELASTIC: Fits any shape or size of trash can whether it has a lid or not!
  • EASY TO USE: Very easy to secure to any trash bin. No special tools needed!
  • REUSABLE: Reuse each band multiple times - these bands are permanently elastic and will not break.
  • SUPER DURABLE: Made from thick, high quality rubber for maximum durability.

Garbage Bandz Reusable Trash Rubber Bands keeps your bag secure so you can get the most out of your trash space without the bag slipping. The elastic rubber bands fit any container's shape or size! Easy to use, simply arrange your liner, stretch the rubber band, place it outside the can and done, sealed and secured. It's made from thick, high-quality rubber that won't easily break for maximum durability!