Jokari Healthy Steps Tea Infuser

Item Number: 16637
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  • PERFECT FOR BREWING: Jokari Healthy Steps Total Tea Infuser is perfect for brewing a single cup of tea.
  • UNIQUELY DESIGNED: Uniquely designed spoon neatly holds loose leaf or bagged teas with a mesh cover.
  • USAGE: Use the built-in plunger to press tea and release more intense flavor.
  • LENGTH: 7 inches allows for full submersion of infuser without burning your fingers.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Wash on top rack only.

With all we're hearing about the benefits of drinking tea, more and more people are putting down that coffee mug and opting for a brisk cup of tea. Jokari's Healthy Steps Total Tea Infuser is the perfect way to brew a cup of tea using either loose leaves or bagged tea. The cleverly designed spoon hopper allows you to measure swirl and steep your favorite tea neatly and without messy tea leaves in your cup. And, the handy built-in plunger is great for pressing teas to release more flavor. If you're feeling creative, why not add a little cinnamon stick, orange peel, fresh mint or cardamom to the Total Tea Infuser along with the tea of your choice? Jokari's Healthy Steps Total Tea Infuser measures 1.6 x 1 x 7.5 inches overall - the perfect size to carry along wherever your tea adventures may take you! For over 40 years, Jokari has held a special place in its heart for gadgets; today, they specialize in providing affordable solutions to common problems faced by consumers. From unique kitchen gadgets and household storage and organization solutions to their Healthy Steps kitchen tools designed to help with portion control and healthy eating, Jokari is committed to creating useful and often crazy looking "thingamajigs" that are fun, colorful and easy to use.