Lingerie Bag

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This Lingerie Wash Bag is for safe and effective care of all of the clothes you care about. All seams and zippers are covered with smooth nylon material to further protect your garments from possible snags or tears. So go ahead and machine wash you favorite lingerie, blouses, sweaters and active wear with confidence. Just check the label to ensure the garment is made of washable fabric and follow manufacturer's instructions for laundering. If a garment is not colorfast, do not wash (test by dipping corner into water).
  • MAIN USE: Extend the life of your delicate clothes by keeping them protected inside the laundry bag during your wash cycle. Soft mesh laundry bag allows for water and detergent to run through and wash clothes.
  • PERFECT FOR: Great for college students and apartment dwellers and laundromat users. Can be used as a storage bag, for sporting equipment, beach towels and toys, and much more.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine washable and dryer friendly.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Lightweight and durable. Measures 13 3/4" x 19 11/1". Made from heavy duty, tightly woven, polyester.