Toastabags Microwave Steam Bags (large, 25 count)

Item Number: 11387
  • BETTER TASTING FOOD: Food retains flavor and is faster than other cooking methods
  • EASY TO USE: Can be used to cook vegetables, chicken, fish and much more in 5 minutes or less
  • ENERGY SAVING: Can save you up to 75 percent in time and energy by simply bagging the food, sealing the bag and cooking
  • BAG SIZE: Each bag serves 3-6 people
  • FDA APPROVED: These steam bags are FDA approved and BPA /PFOA Free

Microwave cooking bags are a simple and easy way to make cooking convenient and healthy. Combine your favorite flavors with the nutritional benefits of steam cooking. Bags can be used for fresh and frozen vegetables, chicken, fish and much more. Simply put the food in the bag, pull off the strip and fold over the bag to seal. Place the bag in the microwave as directed and cook. Allow bag to stand for 20-30 seconds then serve.