Mr. Clean Compact Dustpan & Brush Set

Item Number: 8685
  • REUSABLE: After you're done cleaning for the day, throw this set in the broom closet and use them over and over for the same performance
  • GREAT PERFORMANCE: Like other products by Mr. Clean, these feature consistent performance to uphold the popular reputation of the company's cleaning supplies.
  • INCLUDES DUST PAN AND BRUSH: Compact size - 9 x 6 inches for easy storage in the home or on the go
  • USE ON ANY SURFACE: Take dust and dirt off of any hard flooring in your home for a clean surface to walk on every day.

Mini Dust Pan & Brush Set features a soft, non-slip handle that is comfortable to hold while sweeping. A flexible lip on the Dust Pan provides maximum surface contact so dust and dirt are swept into - not under - the Dust Pan. When not in use, the Brush nests neatly in the Dust Pan for convenience and compact storage. Keep this handy cleaning tool in a kitchen or desk drawer, under the bathroom sink, or even in a glove compartment or seatback pocket.