Natural Home Measuring Cups

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Our Natural Home?áRibbed Measuring Cups?áare made with the?áRevolutionary Patented 100% Molded Bamboo?« - alwaysBPA Free.?áA sustainable and healthy alternative to the chemically based plastic. A?ágreat natural alternative to using plastic. These measuring cups are built to endure multiple washes, super easy to hand wash, and are durable enough to not break, With their sleek and glossy finish, it?ÇÖs a perfect addition to any kitchen.

  • Includes ??,?á?àô , ?? , & 1 cup
  • Mixed Colors
  • Permanent measurement markings embedded into each handle, ensuring readability for life (Won?ÇÖt rub off with multiple washings)
  • Comes on detachable ring for easy use & washing purposes
  • Measuring cups?ácome?áassorted?áin the 4 colors