Natural Home Measuring Spoons

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Try our Eco Friendly Molded BambooMeasuring Spoons?ámade from?á?áour Revolutionary Patented 100% Molded Bamboo?«. Always?áBPA Free.?áAsustainable and healthy alternative to the chemically based plastic.?áConveniently hung on a ring, easily remove and use spoons as you needed for your cooking and baking needs. Top - Rack Dishwasher safe.?á?áWith their sleek and glossy finish, it?ÇÖs a perfect addition to any kitchen.

  • Includes ?? teaspoon, ?á?? teaspoon ,?á1 teaspoon, & 1 tablespoon?á
  • Mixed Colors
  • Permanent measurement markings embedded into each handle, ensuring readability for life (Won?ÇÖt rub off with multiple washings)
  • Comes on detachable ring for easy use & washing purposes