Shrockie Rewind Bottle Opener

Item Number: 15302
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  • DUAL PURPOSE: Two in one gadget that makes opening bottles a breeze! Conserve space in your office, home, or anywhere else that you would need to store a bottle opener.
  • BOTTLE CAP REMOVER: Our stainless steel bottle cap remover will help remove caps easily. A push button release on the opener helps t dispose of bottles.
  • TWIST TOP BOTTLE REMOVAL: Our plastic bottle lid opener slips over the lid, then with a little twist, your bottle lid comes straight off.
  • COMFORT: Each opener handle is made out of smooth plastic, which reduces hand pain further down the road. With a curved shape and vented handle, this kitchen gadget helps hands stay dry and pain free.

With a Harold Import 202 Shrokie Rewind Bottle Opener, you and your hands will be a little less beat at the end of the day. With this twelve pack of bottle openers, you will be able to keep them in various places: at home; in the office; in your luggage when you travel; or even give them as gifts to loved ones for the holidays. Each bottle opener has two sides, one side provides a stainless steel church key opener with button for easy cap removal. The other side has a cup shaped opener where it helps with plastic bottle lid removal. The body of the opener is made of plastic, with a vented handle and rounded, which will make taking lids off your bottles a lot easier and a lot less painful on your hands. By using this unique design, you will be able to wash your overflow liquids off with ease.