Shower Sponge Deep Cleaning

Item Number: 16819

The Deep Cleaning Shower Sponge helps clean and exfoliate your skin while in the bath or shower. Each sponge comes individually packaged and includes an attached rope to hang the sponge from. Apply water and your favorite soap to create a rich lather. This sponge is great for daily use for men and women while bathing. Once you've finished using, hang the sponge to allow it to air dry. This body loofah is made of 100% soft polyurethane.

  • MAIN USE: Cleanse and invigorate your skin with the soft touch of this exfoliating body sponge. Apply soap and lather while bathing.
  • PERFECT FOR: Daily use in the bath or shower. This body sponge is a practical accessory that absorbs water and create a rich foam when using.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: After using, hang this sponge from the rope (included) to drip-dry after use.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Made of 100% polyurethane.