Smart Wippity Wipes (2 count)

Item Number: 7241
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Wipe like a towel, dry like a chamois, absorb like a sponge?«! Wippity Wipes?« are a new high-tech fabric household helper that absorbs like nothing you've used before. Use Wippity Wipes?« instead of sponges, paper towels, and other disposable wipes.

Kitchen & Bath
Ideal for appliances, counter tops and all home surfaces. Wippity Wipes?« are great to wash and dry dishes, pots, and pans. Use with any of your favorite cleaners or detergents.

Dusting & Polishing
Use to clean floors, walls, basins, and furniture. Wippity Wipes?« are extra soft, attract and hold dust like a magnet and can be used wet or dry.

Carpet & Floors
Great for absorbing wet spills. Hundreds of tiny pockets draw spilled liquid up through carpet strands into Wippity Wipes?«. For carpet spills: wet, wring out, fold several times and place on top of spill. Tap your fingers on top of the cloth and PRESTO, the spill is now in Wippity Wipes?«.

  • Comes with 2 cloths - 16" x 15"
  • Durable & machine washable?á
  • Super absorbent
  • Great for the whole house