The Bar Deluxe Waiter's Corkscrew

Item Number: 12367
At yet another dinner party, it's time to open the latest bottle of vino for everyone to try. With that cork stuck in the neck you'll definitely need some assistance to get it out so you can pour a glass for you and anyone who's joining you. However, you can't choose just any corkscrew you need one with strength and sharpness. With this Deluxe Corkscrew, all you have to do is twist into the cork, pull it out, and enjoy the taste of your latest wine selection. The compact design makes is a convenient tool at home or at a bar. With the corkscrew made of durable metal, it lasts through bottle after bottle with high durability. While not in use, it fits in any drawer or even your pocket! Get this tool to eliminate the struggle and make your way to the wine glasses.
  • TWO-IN-ONE: Not only are you able to open up wine bottles, but the corkscrew has a built-in bottle opener to handle beer bottles as well, making it easy to serve any of your guests.
  • ACCOMMODATES ANY CORKED WINE BOTTLE: All you have to do is twist into the cork and lift up to remove, letting you and guests enjoy your drinks ASAP!
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLE: The design of this tool makes it easy to hold onto while removing corks without the worry of slipping off.
  • MUST-HAVE FOR THE KITCHEN: This popular accessory is a must for any kitchen or bar. It makes one task a little bit easier and puts less strain while attempting to multitask.
  • MULTI-PACK: If you work in a restaurant or other large facility, order a case of these tools to equip your staff with the tools they need to your patrons properly. If you want them for personal use, use them as party favors at a fun party.